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Senzyx – Smart sensor for people with backpain
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Sirvo helpt zorg dragen
  • TaakProject management, Functional analysis, Full stack development
Sirvo - Helps caretakers

For Sirvo, a health care company focusing on enabling caretakers to spend more time with their clients and improve their digital administration consultancy was delivered for several aspects of the product development cycle.

Translating client needs to an actionable plan

To determine the direction to go in, requirements and priorities for future development of the Sirvo software solution concept groups and workgroups were setup with a clear vision for the business and functional analysis for the development team as the result.

Transitioning to a more maintainable, better performing modern stack

To transition a legacy ASP.NET web forms application to a more modern stack Vuejs was introduced and implemented as a proof of concept for several parts of the system and guidance on best practices was given to the development team.

Integrating 3rd party government services

A connector was created to provide integration with a 3rd party government service to register performances and delivered services to their clients for government grants.

Relevant skills and technologies:
C# Vuejs ASP.NET Webforms .NET Azure Functions Design Patterns Functional Analysis Project Management Communication Problem-solving Negotiation Critical Thinking Organizational skills Listening Prioritizing Conflict Resolution Teamwork Collaboration Unified Modeling Language(UML)