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  • TaakAzure Solution Architect, Full stack developer, Functional Analist
Patronus Azure Cloud Architecture

For Patronus, an IMEC Icon project to develop a proof of concept and tools that provide personalized, blended, emotion-aware support to therapists and patients throughout the anxiety treatment process, one of the big challenges was to set up a secure, scalable and resilient cloud architecture.

This architecture needed to support all the different subsystems in the solution, near real-time communication and processing of sensory data streams from wearable devices to algorithms to the therapy application in a way to provide a seamless solution in aiding therapists with their exposure therapy without losing touch with the patient.

Therapy Dashboard Web Application and Data API

For the therapist to prepare, perform and review both in vivo and VR exposure therapy sessions a client-side application was built using a modern technology stack with future proof concepts and best practices. A communication layer with the VR software was provided to steer the VR exercises and register VR events.

To support the dashboard application as well as the other partners mobile coaching app and cloud algorithms a platform-independent .NET Core web API was developed.

Relevant skills and technologies:
C# ASP.NET Core Web API Entity Framework Core .NET Core 2 .NET Standard 2.0 Design Patterns Cloud Patterns Azure Application Services Azure SQL Azure Table Storage Azure Blob Storage Azure Event Hub Azure Service Bus Azure Stream Analytics Azure Resource Management (ARM) Templates Azure Application Insights Azure Functions VSTS CD/CI Git JavaScript Vuejs Webpack Bootstrap Functional Analysis
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