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  • TaakMarketing, Design, Front-End Development
Postbird Web Application

For Postbird, a new project by Ecerium to easily convert digital documents into physical documents and have them automatically delivered physically via BPost, we were responsible for delivering a fresh and engaging design, and implementation of the design into the front-end of the web application. We specifically worked on the web app, to which you gain access via the public website at

Our main focus was on delivering designs and implementing them into the angular 2 web application. Next to the implementation of the design we also were responsible for implementing some of the functional requirements of the application.

Digital Marketing

We also worked closely together with marketing on specific digital and a few traditional marketing strategies to focus on pre and post launch. The team at postbird ended up with a solid roadmap of ideas and pointers for execution to solidify its position into the market.

Integration Folder

Postbird provides an API so 3rd parties can easily integrate postbird into their software. For the purpose of telling potential customers about the integrator possibilities we designed the integrator folder with key info about the service and its possibilities.

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