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  • TaakDeisng, Front-end implementation, Bugfixes, Cross Browser
Compte CZAM Front-end

We supported the design and development of the front-end of Carrefour's recent CZAM mastercard project. We were assigned to the project in a very late stage, shortly before it went live to do complex cross browser bugfixes and ensure a timely delivery for go live.

We proved our value to quickly assess the situation and dive deep where needed to smooth out browser inconsistenties and add late changes without doing any big structural adjustments.

Ogone Customization

To provide a seemless flow and the same uniform brand experience on Ogone's payment forms as offered in the rest of the application we created custom templates for CZAM for Ogone's new customization features.

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HTML 5 CSS3 Sass JavaScript Angular JS 1 Cross Browser Dev